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My daughter's first dentist appointment went far better than expected, and was even fun! We really like Dr. Russo! My child (currently 2.5 years old) started going to Kearns & Ashby, at 2 years old. As a child, this experience can be confusing and scary, but the experience she had was far from it. She really enjoyed the friendly staff and how attentive to her they were. They made the experience fun and she kind of felt like it was fun game when they were looking at her "pretty teeth." The Dentist and techs ask great questions and give good advice on how to support healthy teeth for your child. They were clear on their philosophy when it comes to checking and caring for my child's teeth. We have been really pleased at both of the appointments that she has had thus far.                                                    - Heidi

My daughter has been a patient for a few years and has always been put at ease since going as a toddler. The staff are friendly and great with children that have some extra nerves visiting the dentist. We had to have some work done to her teeth under anesthesia and Dr. Kearns was amazing. Kept me updated on what they would do and made it the smoothest procedure for her.                    - Angella

This is the BEST pediatric dental office around. We travel from Lancaster County because no dentist comes close to their education, love for children and complete care. We have out of network dental insurance and still take our children there. That's how AMAZING these dentists are. If I could go there as an adult, I definitely would. We are very thankful for our pediatric dentists.                                     -Laura

My son who is on the Autism spectrum has loved Kearns & Ashby from the day we took him there 6 years ago! We use the Mechanicsburg location, and the staff is always very warm and welcoming! Everyone has always made sure that he knew what they were going to do before they started doing it, and trips to the dentist have always been easy for him because of their kindness and expertise!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Faith

We have 4 kiddos and have only gone to Kearns & Ashby. We love them and the staff there. They go out of their way to provide my kids with a positive experience. Recently our youngest, age 7, was having a very hard time, they were great about it and just stopped the cleaning. They understood that today was not his day. The last visit, all 3 boys went back together to help make the youngest feel more secure. It worked! No problems with his exam this time. I never feel pushed to do a procedure. I also appreciate how well they work with your insurance to help keep cost to a minimum. Thank you Kearns & Ashby!                                                                                                 -Alissa

The team at Kearns and Ashby are organized and friendly, always attentive to their patients and their office and patient environment is very nice. Very kid friendly ! We have been going there for approximately 10 years and have always had a great experience ! They did an excellent job putting precautions in place due to Covid as well. Thank you everyone at Kearns and Ashby for being a great pediatric dentist office!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Jen

My 5 year old son was traumatized at another dentist's office. Dr. Kearns has been nothing but phenomenal working with him. He is slowly working with him to build up trust and no words can explain the appreciation I have. Dr Kearns and the staff are absolutely amazing. Thank you for putting this worried mama's mind at ease.                                                                                                                          -Nichol

There aren't many pediatric dentist in my area, so I had to drive a little to get the practice; but after my visit it was well worth the drive. My son was excited to play in the waiting area and when we got into the dental space he was completely at ease. I think he was distracted by all the bright colors, sticker decals and the fish tank. Needless to say our first visit was awesome and we will be back!          -Renata      

Dr. Patil is phenomenal with kids! It was both my son’s first time at the dentist- both nervous, and he made them feel comfortable. Great first experience! Thankful for his patience.                                                                                                                                                            -Russell

My son has autism and is afraid of male providers. His provider at this practice was male and I did know before we went in, however, when I explained it to them , they were NOT offended in the slightest and even offered to assist us with another dentist who was female in their office. They were AMAZING! My son has a lot of dental issues and not once did he blame me for anything with my son's teeth. I highly recommend this practice. I am very picky when it comes to providers and they exceeded my expectations!                           -Vanessa

The Kearns & Asbury staff go to great lengths to make going to the dentist a fun, comfortable, and informative experience, for both kids and parents. My two kids are wondering why people keep saying they "hate" going to the dentist--my kids sure don't! Special thanks to Dr. Patil & Gigi!                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Ryan

When my daughter was 4, I attempted to take her to my regular family dentist office. It was a horrible experience. A family friend recommended Kearns & Ashby and my daughter has never been happier when going to her check ups; I've been taking her and my son there ever since. The entire office is catered towards children, from the waiting room, to the exam rooms. The staff is patient and kind and we've never had a bad experience here!                                                                                                                                                           -Sara

Incredible experience! My 4 year old son needed quite a bit of dental work done and Jeff Kearns did an excellent job. The staff was wonderful and we felt truly cared for. Cannot recommend them enough!                                                                                                                -Emily

We have been taking our children to Kearns & Ashby for over 20 years. Our children have always had great experiences. They never do unnecessary treatments and are up front and honest about what each child needs. I'd never take my kids anywhere else.                           -Tracy

Dr. Kearns & staff were great. They were extremely kind and patient with our toddler, who has some fear and shyness over office visits. They were very thorough and communicative, taking time to address all of my questions and concerns. We highly recommend to anyone looking for an amazing pediatric dentist!                                                                                                                                                            -Kaitlin

I went to this Dentist office as a kid. I liked it so much and had such a great experience that my oldest daughter went there until she turned 18, and my youngest still goes. The Staff and Doctors are amazing!                                                                                                              -Stacey

My daughter's first dentist appointment went far better than expected, and was even fun! We really like Dr. Russo!                                      -Leslie

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